Introducing Friend of a Friend Matchmaking

In the spirit of doing a courageous friend an overdue favour – or at the very least, talking about something else – I’m excited to finally be able to tell you that my good friend Sofi has launched a matchmaking service called Friend of a Friend.

“Friend of a Friend is an affordable alternative to other personal matchmaking services,” Sofi explains. “These can run you anywhere from $500 to $10,000 per year for an ‘executive’ service, whatever that means…, a popular online dating website where you do all of the work and message back and forth with strangers times infinity, potentially never even landing one single date, costs $119 for a six month subscription.”

What Friend of a Friend does is welcome you into a safe but inclusive environment, suggest multiple matches based on personal assessments rather than vague algorithms, fine-tune your profile and future matches based on your feedback after your dates, and charge you less than competitors who provide less.

In short, the sea may be smaller, but the fish are carefully screened and tailored to you.

I’ve been living with my wife since before Facebook was a thing, so it’s pretty safe to say I don’t know a damned thing about dating in this day and age. But I do know Sofi does, and I encourage you to get into Friend of a friend on the ground floor.

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