Lovers and other strangers

The roster’s been confirmed for the Valentine’s Day edition of Everyone’s a DJ. Normally, I’d post it in the appropriate section of this website, but that section doesn’t exist right now, because I’m still in the process of moving a lot of old content from WordPress to Textpattern. So here it is, in case you’re curious.

9:00 PM – DJ Boomer Loved Tyrol
9:20 PM – EmilyAnalog
9:40 PM – DJ Jessy
10:00 PM – DJ Shagz
10:20 PM – Clide Rockwell
10:40 PM – DJ Snap Jackson
11:00 PM – Vijay
11:20 PM – Dynamite Chris Wright
11:40 PM – Kate Belcher
12:00 AM – Frisbee Pilot
12:20 AM – Ill Choi (Montage)
12:40 AM – Ian Jang (Montage)
1:00 AM – DJ Rudie
1:20 AM – Decade Selector
1:40 AM – Matt Blair
2:00 AM – Andrew Cowan

See you there! Stay tuned to this space for more information between now and then, including details on signing up for future editions.

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