I’m finally tracking my negligible traffic

Hey, remember the other day when I admitted that I hadn’t even gotten around to setting up a Google Analytics account to follow this website’s hits and traffic? Well, I’m glad to say I’ve finally gotten around to doing so.

The results are pretty humbling at best so far, but that just supports what I’ve been saying all along about this site and its beloved but nonetheless modest readership. Sure, I hope to boost my traffic down the line, and Google Analytics can be a very useful tool when it comes to doing so. But for now, the numbers are about what I’d expect.

By the way, in case you’re curious: the only search phrase that’s brought someone to this site since I set up my Google Analytics account is “Jerry Agar big mouth.”

Either way, just because it seems appropriate, here’s the video for “Somebody’s Watching Me,” the Rockwell classic. It seems as good a way to wrap up this post as any. My apologies if you’ve got to sit through an ad before the video starts; apparently, Vevo finally decided it was a good idea to do that sort of thing.

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