Night for Rights and Rent

Ben Peterson of Journalists for Human Rights recently sent out an email to remind us all that tickets for the annual Night for Rights fundraiser are going fast. I’ll be spinning, as I’ve mentioned, and I’ll be just one of a few great DJs on the bill. My accomplished friend Splattermonkey, for example, will be spinning an early set that you won’t want to miss (even though it’d mean missing part of mine, which I’m sure will be an amazing and life-changing experience).

It’s a great night for a great cause, and I can’t recommend it enough. There’s a reason why I’m there as often as I can be, and I’m sure that it’ll become an annual tradition for you too, once you’ve checked it out. Get your tickets now.

Speaking of amazing things, Kate and I went out on Friday night and caught a community production of Rent at the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts. Our friend Stephanie Malek of We Take Lovers is in the chorus, and she definitely shines in her solo and ensemble moments alike, but it’s got to be said that the whole cast puts a terrific performance out there. So terrific, in fact, that the show has been held over for another week.

I’m not by any means a “musical” kind of guy, but I really enjoyed this show. If you’re up for trying something new, and you’re willing to make the trip to Richmond Hill, then I highly recommend it. To sweeten the deal, if you use the code “RENT1″ when you buy your tickets online through the link above, you’ll apparently get a discount. Get out of town and do something different with your night, why don’t you?

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