Girlfriend with a whip

Here’s a friendly warning to all of my fellow bloggers out there. If the two most frequent topics on your blog within a given month are the girlfriend that you’re about to marry and a political campaign that may depend on whether or not an opposition leader chooses to whip his party’s vote, then don’t be surprised if somebody out there ends up finding your site by Googling “girlfriend with a whip.”

And to each their own, of course. But whenever this sort of thing happens, I can’t help but wonder how disappointed the person who searched for the phrase in question ended up being with my blog.

In this case, I’m going to go with “very disappointed indeed.” I mean, I like to think this blog caters to a wide range of topics. But I’m pretty sure it’s got nothing to offer anyone looking for a girlfriend with a whip.

On the bright side, someone else found my blog just the other day by Googling “is I Write Like bullshit,” which is a question that my blog was more than able to answer.

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