Link of the Day: No Magic Goat

Injury Free Nova Scotia, which is “a provincial community-based organization committed to eliminating preventable injuries” in the province, just launched No Magic Goat, a hamfisted but well-meaning attempt to make Maritime teenagers more aware of the dangers of drinking.

“Ever wish you had a magic goat at your disposal?” the site asks. “She’s cute and furry, but isn’t good for much if you screw up. If the shit hits the fan, and drinking does some serious damage, no goat’s going to save your ass. So, just for the record – if something like what you see in the video goes down at a party you’re at? You might want to think of calling 911 instead of calling for a goat. Did we really have to actually say that? Yes, we did.”

Well, no. No, they didn’t. I haven’t spent much time in Nova Scotia, but I doubt that even a single one of their teenagers has ever wished they could turn to a magic goat to help them deal with the consequences of their drinking.

I don’t mean to be difficult, but I caught a version of the video on TV the other night, and I’m sure I’m not along in thinking that all the effort they’re putting into being cool and wacky is only going to seem condescending to the average teenager.

Sure, the site contains a few useful links. But they’re crammed in among lame jokes, dated references to Paris Hilton, and a devotion to the word “ass” that practically screams “We’re betting the kids will think this is hip if we use the word ‘ass’ a lot.”

Down in the bottom left corner, there’s even a link you can click to buy a bag of “magic” goat turds for fifteen bucks. But when you click it, a pop-up window chastises you for wanting to waste your money on goat crap and reminds you that there’s no such thing as a magic goat. Get it?

I’m sorry, but this thing reeks of a room full of professionals who decided to run with the most superficially quirky concept they could agree on, because that’s the sort of thing teenagers like. I hope they’re right, and I hope this campaign will make a genuine impact and prove me wrong. But frankly, I think their target market deserves better.

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