An early start to a long week

I’ve been up since about 5:30 AM. I’ve exercised, gotten my kid off to daycare, and mapped out the day ahead. I’m hoping to do the same thing tomorrow.

The week ahead is going to be a brutal one. As it is, I’ve got a few fires to put out at the office this morning, and I’m flying solo with my kid after work. Why waste time and stress myself out by wondering what I should be doing at any given moment?

Better to lay it all out at the start, and then just move from one job to the next. Later on, I can actually enjoy my time with my kid, and not have to worry about accomplishing anything.

If you have the time this morning to take stock of your day and get it off your mind, do it. If you’ve already done it, great. Either way, good luck to you!

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