A week of milestones (and not much blogging)

I neglected this blog in a big way last week. Work was demanding, my kid was temperamental, and I was generally pretty tired. Everything that wasn’t vital went on the shelf for a minute, just so I could focus on the most important things.

My wife was at the centre of two of those things. Thursday was her birthday, and Saturday was the eighth anniversary of the day we met. She hadn’t had much time to think about the first, and she’d all but forgotten about the second until I mentioned it.

Which is fine, because it’s not like we make a big deal out of it these days. Once you get married, that’s your official anniversary, and the others have a way of falling short. You kids today can enjoy your three-week anniversaries with my blessing, but my wife and I will stick to the main dates, thank you very much.

Frankly, I’m just amazed and proud that I did remember it. As much as I’d love to gloat about the fact that I gave her a gift to celebrate an anniversary she didn’t even remember, the truth is that I had an unfair advantage. I remember the day because it’s two days after her birthday, and all I had to do as far as gifts were concerned was set aside one of the things I’d bought for her birthday.

Anyway, we had our fun, and now we’re into a new week. I’m planning to leave a lot more of my job at the office after five, for reasons that deserve their own post at a later date, which means I’ll have a lot more time for more of my own stuff. I’m planning to make the most of that time, and when it comes to this site, I hope you’ll stay tuned for the results.

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