Phasing it all back in

I’m a guy who likes to try and get a lot done in a day, and a good way to do that is to turn as many jobs as I can into habits. The disadvantage of this is you eventually come to cram your average day with one routine after another. Before long, you’re just trying to keep up with yourself, and you’ve forgotten the value or the point of half the things you’re doing.

Last week was unusually challenging. Tough in certain senses, and very exciting in others. In order to get through it without compromising my commitments to anyone else, I had to put everything by my top priorities on the shelf.

Now, instead of jumping back into my cluttered old routine with both feet, I’m phasing things back in slowly, one at a time.

Before I reintroduce each thing, I take a good look at it. I remind myself why it’s important, and why I’m excited about doing it. And if it’s neither of those things, I choose not to do it anymore, at least not for now.

Today, for example, I started blogging again. I’ll try it to keep it up on a daily basis, just as I did before. I might even do a better job of it, since I’ll hopefully be less concerned with getting it done and rushing off to the next thing on my plate.

What have you been thinking of phasing out? What would you rather be doing, if only you had the time? Feel free to share your thoughts.

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