Big city afternoons

I’ve headed up to London with my wife today. We caught an early train out this morning, and we’ll be back on the south coast late tonight. Not bad for a lazy summer Friday.

Whenever we head to the UK, we try to make time for a day or two in London. As much as I love the time I get to spend with family, I usually look forward to that brief bit of time in the city. This time, however, I’d all but forgotten about it until the night before.

Maybe it’s because the trip to London was my wife’s idea this time, and maybe it’s because it was a last-minute decision. Or maybe it was because I’ve been spending so much time with my kid and my family during this trip, and because I’ve been enjoying every minute of it, that I just haven’t put much thought into doing anything else.

If that sounds lame, it’s probably because it is, and I accept that. On the other hand, the reason we’re in London today is to see some immersive theatre project that the sophisticates who live in this town apparently have a tough time getting tickets for. That’s pretty cool for a couple of parents from Canada, right?

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