Check it out, dudes! Five web browsers!

I’ve got a whole lot of web designing to do in the next few months, and I want to make sure I do it properly. As you may already know, different browsers render sites in different ways; what might look good on Firefox, for example, could look terrible on Internet Explorer. That’s why it’s considered good practice to preview your sites in a number of different browsers as you build – along with using cascading style sheets, validating your markup, and seeing the new Star Trek movie.

Traditionally, I’ve been happy with Firefox and IE. But if you’re going to do something nerdy, then you might as well do it right. In my case, that meant installing the latest versions of Netscape, Opera and Safari. That’s right, ladies.

Hopefully, five web browsers ought to be more than enough. I’ve taken a look at the Righteous Melody site with all five, and it looks pretty much the same across the board. Are there any other browsers I should be using? Am I better off ignoring any of the browsers I’ve mentioned here? Let me know what you think.

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4 Responses to “Check it out, dudes! Five web browsers!”

  1. Matt says:

    Is that a thing? Are you being serious?

  2. jason says:

    Oh, it’s a thing. Well, it used to be.

  3. Grom says:

    Don’t forget chrome: the google browser