Three weeks from thirty

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m turning thirty pretty soon. In fact, I realized earlier that the big day is just three weeks from today. To be honest, it totally snuck up on me, and I think that’s because I haven’t been putting much stock in it.

I don’t tend to make a big deal out of my birthday in an average year. I feel like I ought to do something special with this one, but nothing really comes to mind. Frankly, I’m open to any ideas. I know a bunch of you out there are already thirty, and I wouldn’t mind knowing how you marked the occasion.

Either way, I’m looking forward to it. I know I’m supposed to be dreading it, but I’m not. In fact, I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be a great year.

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2 Responses to “Three weeks from thirty”

  1. jason says:

    Here’s what I did, and it worked out really well:

    1. Find the bar that’s closest to your house; preferably within stumbling distance.

    2. Invite a bunch of people you know to this bar.

    3. Get really drunk, the lot of you.

    4. Stumble home.

  2. Matt says:

    Admittedly, you’ve described my default birthday plan. What separates this year from the others is that I’ve got a) a bit more work than usual to do, and b) a future wife that thinks there’s no sense in thinking about work on my birthday. She may be right.

    Though I must admit I’m a big fan of the “What’s the big deal? Let’s just go to the pub and enjoy each other’s company” approach. And saying that makes me feel like Pauper’s in the Annex is the right way to do this. Thank you, good friends I met through my brother and sister who went to York!