How I bought your coffee

, October 19, 2009

If you caught tonight’s episode of How I Met Your Mother, then you know the last few minutes were basically one big Tim Hortons commercial. And that’s fine, because that’s how the product placement game is played. A couple of sitcom characters visit a Tim Horton’s franchise in Toronto, one of them makes fun of […]

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Barely alive

, October 17, 2009

Do you ever have one of those lazy, unproductive days where you decide to post something on your blog just so you can say you accomplished something that day that wasn’t a Portal achievement? Because I’m pretty sure I’m having one of those right now.

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Payday launches one week from tonight

, October 16, 2009

Don’t forget that Payday kicks off at Augusta House on Friday, 23 October 2009, just one week from tonight. Splattermonkey, Vijay, Dynamite Chris Wright and I will be spinning the best of of retro, pop, hip hop and soul, and we do hope you’ll join us. The flyers are printed, and there’s more information to […]

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Blog action and government inaction

, October 15, 2009

Today is Blog Action Day, and the theme for this year is climate change. So it seems like a good day to congratulate David Suzuki on winning the Right Livelihood Award, an honour known in some circles as the alternative Nobel Prize. Suzuki was selected due to “his massive contribution to raising awareness about the […]

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Payday and other upcoming events

, October 14, 2009

The DJ roster for Payday has been confirmed! I’ll be joining Splattermonkey, Vijay and Dynamite Chris Wright at Augusta House on Friday, 23 October 2009, and it’s sure to be an awesome party. Stay tuned to this space and the link above for more information in the very near future, including the flyer and maybe […]

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Corrupt injunction, what’s your function?

, October 14, 2009

I don’t tend to look at all the talk about the power of social networking as anything more than hyperbole. That said, every once in a while, a notable example like the recent Iranian election comes along and reminds us all that certain fundamental things have changed. If you spotted the word “Trafigura” in your […]

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Something to cry about

, October 13, 2009

Why do I always assume that any child who cries in public is just misbehaving? This morning at Tim Hortons, for example, there was this toddler just wailing her head off about God knows what. She was so loud, in fact, that her parents had to give up and drag her out of there. Why […]

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Keeping it out of my calendar

, October 12, 2009

I’ve been trying to break myself out of the habit of writing anything into my calendar that doesn’t have to be there. I’m a big fan of getting a lot done in a day, but sometimes I end up stacking the “to do” pile way too high. At the end of the day, I’ll have […]

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Left Feet’s next step

, October 10, 2009

Left Feet closed its Kensington Market shop back in September of this year. Evidently, they were unable to secure a new lease for the location they’d called home for nearly five years, and as a result they’re currently looking for a new place to set up shop. “While the store is in transition,” Steve the […]

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Payday at Augusta House

, October 9, 2009

This is the event I was telling you about. It’s happening two weeks from tonight at Augusta House, and I hope you all can make it. We want to go big with this one, so don’t be shy about spreading the word, and don’t mind me if it’s all I end up talking about for […]

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