We just bought a house

It’s amazing how quickly these things happen. We saw the place yesterday, put an offer in today, and got the confirmation tonight. We’ll move out of our apartment at the end of April, after exactly four years of living here, and from there we’ll be living in a place we actually own.

So that’s one more step towards adulthood – and frankly, we’re running out of them. Once we’ve gotten married in the fall, and knocked out a couple of kids in the years that follow, that’ll pretty much be that. It’ll be “Cosby sweater” time for sure.

Which is not to say we’re not excited; obviously we are. But on the other hand, good lord!

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2 Responses to “We just bought a house”

  1. ramanan says:

    Congrats. Where are you moving to? (Also, you’re moving before the world cup!)

  2. Matt says:

    We’ll be out on the Danforth, which will be awesome. I wonder if they make a big deal of the World Cup out there…