Oh, God, the awkwardness!

Did the waiter intentionally short change me when he brought the bill? Did he take it upon himself to deduct his own tip from my change? Was he really that presumptuous?

Or on the other hand, could it possibly have been a situation in which he grabbed a quarter, thinking it was a toonie, and unintentionally gave me the wrong change? Did I make an enemy in the service industry by pocketing the meagre amount of change I was handed back and leaving?

Why didn’t I say anything? I could have cleared this whole thing up in no time, if only I’d taken the initiative! But on the other hand, can you imagine having to endure that conversation? What an ugly affair!

What’s going to happen when I go back there? Can I ever go back there? If he gives me a dirty look, should I just explain what happened? Or is it possible that this whole thing was an honest mistake, and no big deal, and in the end I’d just be creating a whole new set of problems just by bringing it up? Holy shit, guys!

Also, really? We have a coin called a toonie? That’s how we deal with money that occasionally briefly winds up being worth as much or more than the American dollar, through no fault of our own? Can’t we do away with the nicknames and treat our money like actual legal tender? We’re in the G8, for Christ’s sake!

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One Response to “Oh, God, the awkwardness!”

  1. jason says:

    Relax. It’s cool. I imagine that sort of thing happens all the time.

    Also, what’s wrong with “toonie?” Americans have “greenback” and I’d say our names for our money aren’t any more or less ridiculous than others around the world.