Hey, by the way, I’m writing for Chart now

Drop by chartattack.com today, and you’ll find a review of the latest edition of the FabricLive series. It’s the first review I’ve written for the site, and I’m hoping there will be many more to come. Do check it out.

It’s been a fun gig so far, and it’s an opportunity that I’m very glad to have. I’ve been meaning to get back into writing lately, beyond this site and Righteous Melody – which is currently on a prolonged, move-induced hiatus that I promise you will end very soon – and Chart seemed like an excellent place to turn. They do great work, and they’re very flexible with their writing staff.

A second finished review should be posted soon – unless the editors think it sucks or something (Update: Hooray, they didn’t!) – and a couple more are now in the works. And let’s not forget that the site’s already full of articles and reviews by more accomplished writers than me. Pay them a visit, won’t you?

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2 Responses to “Hey, by the way, I’m writing for Chart now”

  1. Hey, thanks for the awesome review on ChartAttack! It was one of the nicest reviews I’ve ever gotten.

    If you’re interested, please come to the Mantler Monody release party this Thursday, May 6 at the Tranzac (292 Brunswick Ave). I’ll be playing an epic Mantler set – starting solo and ending with a 13-piece band including horn section. It’s an early show – the opening band (Sheesham and Lotus) start at 9:00 and the whole show will be over by 11.

  2. Matt says:

    Hey, thank you for the great record! I’ve already gotten word about the release party and I do hope to be there, although I’d be running up to the Tranzac from our reading series earlier that night, so I’ll likely only be able to get to the end.

    But of course, I’d gladly encourage anyone out there who happens to be reading this to check it out as well. It ought to be a mighty fine show.