“Would you like to know more?”

, June 16, 2012

The fun thing about Starship Troopers is that it functions on two levels. On the one hand, it’s a big, dumb action movie. On the other, it’s a satirical indictment of American fascism. The subtext isn’t subtle, but it’s also not vital to the film. If you choose to ignore the themes, or you just […]

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Going out alone on a Friday night for the hell of it

, June 15, 2012

It’s not something I often do anymore, you know? It feels… new and different, but also like something I’m too old, and maybe too dull, to be doing. Either way, here goes. What’s up tonight, Toronto?

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My wife is a terrific big sister

, June 14, 2012

Please join me in congratulating my wife Kate, who’s been named a Big of the Year by the good people at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Toronto! She and her “Little” will be honoured tonight at the organization’s gala reception. Kate has been a proud member of the program for about a year now, and she’s loved […]

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Moez Surani reads at Pivot tonight with Tamara Faith Berger and Alessandro Porco

, June 13, 2012

I haven’t gotten to spend much time with Moez Surani since the days when we used to host a reading series together. Sadly, I probably won’t be able to correct that tonight by going to Pivot, where he’ll be sharing a reading with Tamara Faith Berger and Alessandro Porco. But just because I can’t doesn’t […]

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Three terrific causes worth supporting

, June 12, 2012

Any kindhearted soul can say a few words about their favourite charity, in the hope of convincing you to give them your time and money. Not too many people would cram a bunch of different links into one sitting, tied together by the loosest of threads. What do you say we try anyway? When former […]

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Today an elevator pitch, tomorrow an actual “about” page

, June 11, 2012

Part of the process of turning this site into a hub for various goals and projects is figuring out what I want to do with this website, and what I want people to get out of it. I took a small step in that direction tonight by updating my about page, if only barely. “One […]

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Thinking ahead to July on a quiet June night

, June 9, 2012

Yesterday I mentioned that Everyone’s a DJ needs some new blood to get it back on track, instead of just depending on me. Today I had to cancel this month’s party at the last minute. Scheduling conflicts, technical issues and dad duty kept us from doing it right this month, and I hope we’ll see […]

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How the hell am I going to keep a baby entertained for a whole weekend?

, June 8, 2012

My wife is on her way to Niagara for a writers conference. She’ll be away until Sunday night, which means the kid is in my hands for the whole weekend. I’ve never looked after my daughter alone for more than a few hours. I’m really excited about it, but of course I’m also really anxious. […]

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If it’s a good idea now, it’ll still be a good idea in three weeks

, June 8, 2012

You know that pledge I made to blog every day for three weeks, in the hope of making it a habit? Well, I managed to keep it up for three days before dropping the ball yesterday. I blame a hot day full of work, family, and other higher priorities. Thankfully, I can reset the clock […]

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Comedy clubs, alt-weeklies, brothers, professional wrestlers, that sort of thing

, June 6, 2012

Have you checked out the cover story in this week’s edition of the Grid yet? It’s a thorough and glowing profile of Comedy Bar, the west end club that’s “making comedy fun again.” The piece features some rather great coverage of the Sketchersons and its current members – including my brother, head writer Jon Blair. While […]

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