It’s time to start watching my sugary fudging language

My daughter can’t yet speak, beyond a few near-words, but it’s becoming clear that she understands a lot of what we’re saying. She responds to certain phrases, and she can answer familiar questions with a few hand gestures. It’s wonderful to see her smile whenever she gets her point across, and it makes me wonder just how much she’s picking up from us.

In fact, the more I wonder, the more I think it might finally be time to clean up my language around my house.

As I’ve mentioned, my daughter spent the bulk of yesterday with my parents. It seemed like a good day to add “watch my swearing” to the Habit List app I’ve been using, and see what kind of a streak I could set in motion.

I’m not saying I’m not going to curse anymore, and I’m not saying I won’t still indulge in the occasional Swearing Sunday. The point is to avoid cursing in front of my kid, casually or otherwise. I didn’t do it yesterday, I’ll try not to do it today, and I’ll see how long I can keep the streak going after that.

Obviously, if I fail, there ought to be some sort of penalty. How you would grade the different words I shouldn’t say in front of my kid? What amount money should I put in a hypothetical jar for dropping an F-Bomb, for example? Do let me know what you think, before it’s too late.

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