“Mayor Rob Ford’s office!”

“Hi, there. Is it true that the mayor just fired his chief of staff?”

“Um… I’m a little unclear on that myself at the moment.”

“Well, he’s been escorted out of the building, and says he didn’t resign.”


“Will the mayor be making a statement?”

“Are you a member of the media?”

“No, sir, I’m a concerned citizen who was given this number.”


“Listen, I’m going to let you go and wish you luck today.”

“Thank you, bye.”

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One Response to “416-397-FORD”

  1. Matt says:

    For the record, this is a paraphrasing of a call I made shortly after 2:00 PM this afternoon. The call was not recorded, and although I’ve stayed as loyal to the content of the call as I could from memory, these are not direct quotes.