The Toronto Public Library needs your help (right now)

Maureen O’Reilly, President of the Toronto Public Library Workers Union, has a meeting this morning with the office of Minister Michael Chan, who is responsible for Ontario’s public libraries. She’s planning to argue a case for more provincial funding, and she needs your help.

O’Reilly invites you to send a message to Minister Chan and join the call for broader library funding. It’ll take just a couple of minutes, and it could make a substantial difference.

“Provincial retreat from supporting public libraries in Ontario is nothing short of breathtaking, “O’Reilly told her mailing list this week. “At the hands of Mike Harris, public library funding was slashed and no subsequent Premier has undone the damage.

“Today, public library operating grants are only about half of what they were in 1992! This leaves public libraries at the mercy of municipal leaders like Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.

“Your respectful email message will help to make the point that funding public libraries is not only good policy, it will be immensely popular too.”

Take a minute right now to send a message to Minister Chan, and to encourage your friends and family to do the same. Then, stay tuned to Maureen O’Reilly’s website for more after the meeting.

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3 Responses to “The Toronto Public Library needs your help (right now)”

  1. Allegra Young says:

    Minister Chan,

    The library has been a cornerstone in my upbringing and continues to be a vital resource for me today. Please increase broader library funding!

    Thank you.

  2. J.C. Lam says:

    Dear Minister Chan,
    As the Minister of Culture, I know that you advocate for the enrichment of people’s lives through participation in arts and cultural events. The library has become a repository for books but also a community hub for new immigrants, seniors, students, and book nerds like me.

    Please consider what you can do to increase provincial funding so that libraries can continue to do innovative projects that promote literacy and reading.

    J. Lam

  3. Matt says:

    Thanks so much, guys!