Here’s a recap of last week’s meeting between the province and the library workers union

Hey, remember when I told you guys about the meeting that Maureen O’Reilly, President of the Toronto Public Library Workers Union, was about to have with office of Michael Chan to request an increase in funding? Well, O’Reilly sent an update to her mailing list this afternoon, and it sounds like the meeting was a step in the right direction.

“First of all,” she writes, “I have to say that it was a real comfort to know I was not alone in that meeting. Just before the meeting took place, more than 1,100 people like you wrote to urge the Minister to reverse Mike Harris’ destructive cuts to public library operating grants!”

No real commitments were made during the meeting, but O’Reilly says that she felt the province was very receptive to her presentation. “The Minster’s Chief of Staff promised to discuss our concerns with the Minister and the Premier’s office. It was a good beginning to what I hope will be a strong working relationship.

“I am sure the reason we had such a good discussion is that the level of public support for our public library is so obviously strong. We’ll have to keep reminding the politicians of this in the days ahead. I promise to let you know about new developments and key opportunities when your intervention will make a difference.”

Once again, big thanks to those of you who took a moment to send the province a message and show your support! Be sure to visit Maureen O’Reilly’s website for more information as it develops, or subscribe to her mailing list to get the latest news in your inbox.

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