Link of the Day: Canadian Donor’s Guide

“The Canadian Donor’s Guide to fundraising organizations in Canada… is the only authoritative annual directory to charity in Canada, primarily used in planned giving. Donors, Philanthropists, Lawyers, Accountants, Trust Officers, Will and Estate Planning Officers, Taxation Professionals, Financial, Insurance and Investment Advisors, and other professionals use the Canadian Donor’s Guide to make decisions on philanthropy: bequests, major donations, and other charitable gifts.

“The Canadian Donor’s Guide is the annual reference book for donors and their advisors containing data on charities collected by questionnaire as well as pertinent editorial content. No other publication contains this breadth of information on charities in Canada.”

You can view a digital version of the guide online, free of charge. Do check it out.

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  1. Alison says:

    Thanks, Matt, for the mention and the link of the day!
    We are quite proud of our expanded editorial section and the quality of the contributors.