Link of the Day: Our Public Library

There’s a good chance you’ve already seen this one, but frankly, the more attention it gets, the better. It’s a new campaign, sponsored by the Toronto Public Library Workers Union, and “dedicated to perserving the integrity of Toronto’s public library system for all Torontonians.”

“ is a network of people dedicated to preserving the integrity of one of the world’s greatest public library systems, the Toronto Public Library… With the election of a City Council that regards the Toronto Public Library as a financial burden rather than an important educational and cultural service, the TPL and its branches are under threat.

“From the children who are introduced to their first book and a love of reading, to the students and researchers who rely on the public library for their work and to the many, many others who depend on the TPL for cultural enrichment, reading pleasure, and respite from rampant commercialism, this site is for you.”

From the look of things, the library’s got the public on its side. According to a recent story in the Star, a survey commissioned by the union revealed that half of Toronto’s residents said it would affect their vote “a great deal” to know that a candidate had supported closing a library branch. Fully three quarters of respondents were against privatizing library services.

Nonetheless, the threat is great, and the campaign can use all the support it can get. Check them out, sign the petition on their main page, and spread the word about this site.

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3 Responses to “Link of the Day: Our Public Library”

  1. I borrow books and DVDs regularly, use the computers daily, watch free and excellent movies provided by Runnymede Branch, and receive kindly and valuable assistance from the staff. The library is ESSENTIAL TO MY DAY TO DAY LIFE. IT IS AN ASSET, A BLESSING> DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING< EXCEPT TO HELP THE LIBRARY SYSTEM!!!!Very concerned citizen.

  2. PLease see above. BAC

  3. The quality of my life would suffer greatly without the Toronto Public Libraries. I use them every day for computers, book-borrowing and excellent staff help. THE LIBRARY SYSTEMIS AN ESSENTIAL SERVICE< ESSENTIAL, and one of the most used in North America? Does this not reflect its importance more than anything?? LEAVE THE LIBRARY SYSTEM ALONE IT IS AN ASSET!!A very concernedcitizen