Sure, but what about when your phone company treats you right and solves your problem?

We’ve all had our share of bad customer service experiences, and we all know the small consolation of complaining about those experiences to our friends and loved ones. We’re not often as eager to talk about the times when everything goes right, and since I had a good experience of my own this week, I’d like to share it.

Yesterday afternoon, I discovered that the power button on my iPhone wasn’t working. Apparently, it’s a pretty common problem with this model. The phone itself works fine, aside from the fact that I can’t shut it off. It’s also still under warranty, so rather than try to fix it myself, I figured I’d better call Rogers.

Long story short, a replacement phone should arrive in three to five business days. When it does, I’ll ship the broken one back to them. Aside from the time it’ll take to back up and transfer my files, the exchange will cost me nothing.

Now, there’s still a chance that something could go wrong. They could decide to charge me for the phone if they believe I’ve voided the warranty, but I’ve run down the list of indicators they’ll check, and everything looks fine. I’ve even taken photos to prove it, if it comes to that.

Plus, I’m assuming the phone won’t arrive on time. Because Rogers insists on shipping their products with UPS, a company that’s widely known for its incompetence and indifference, I’d be surprised if the package arrived at all. But that’s what a sign on the front door that says “We’re home and you’re on camera so none of your usual bullshit” is for.

In the meantime, hooray! A major telecommunications company really came through on this one, and they did it with a smile to boot. I think they deserve a little thanks and recognition, don’t you? Stay tuned to find out if it all works out, or to hear to the gory details if/when I get screwed over (“if” for Rogers, “when” for UPS).

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2 Responses to “Sure, but what about when your phone company treats you right and solves your problem?”

  1. Evan says:

    It just occurred to me that you don’t call this blog “The Blairg”. What the hell, man?

  2. Matt says:

    With so many Blairs in the world, I’d just assumed a great name like that was already taken.