Who do you work for?

I’m lucky enough to have a job that allows me to work from home when I need to. On a day like today, when my kid is running a temperature and there’s a good chance the daycare will ask us to come and pick her up, it’s nice to be able to work at the kitchen table and wait for the call.

It’s also a bit of a break, because the office has been very hectic lately. Lots of competing priorities, and lots of calls to drop everything and take care of something immediate. Today, one of those calls might come from the daycare.

Which is kind of nice, in the sense that it reminds you who you’re really working for. There’s a lot of work my bosses want me to tackle today, and the nature of that work could change at any minute. But if I get a call about my kid, then that’s going to take immediate priority – at least until I can hand her off to her grandmother.

Knowing that, and having those priorities in your mental foreground, is a pretty great state of mind. When you’ve been mired in the details of your job for a while, it’s nice to reconnect with the big picture. Plus, it has a funny way of renewing your work ethic.

As far as the work is concerned, today won’t be that much different from any other. I’ll tackle the same jobs, and I’ll stay as focused as I can. But when I need to take a break, I’ll clean my kitchen.

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One Response to “Who do you work for?”

  1. Candace says:

    Get back to work!